Dive Up

by Rhythm Church



On fire again, oh my God
On fire again, oh my

Pump it up, pump it up
One time for finding love
Now we can live it up, live it up
While we still have sweet time

Come on up, come on up
This calls for celebrations
Toast me by the fire light
And tell me that you're mine

We sure were missin' out
On diggin' up eachother
Now we're diggin' up all we want
And we throw what we don't

C'mon now lover stop
You're blowin' out my brains soo much
You can love what you want
But you can't copy what I want

This must be some kind of trick
Some kind of sh*t that don't exist

You make it fine to be who I be

Call me up, call me up
I gotta share this thing I got
Dive on up, dive on up
And meet me right there

Isn't it kinda fun
To be where you could never run?
We've got all we want
And couldn't be better

Man, you're like the best thing that I've ever messed with
You're like the one thing that I won't regret
If I could do it all over again
Bet on me to keep things just as they stand


released November 4, 2013
V. Tompa



all rights reserved


Rhythm Church Hamilton, Ontario

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